Frequently Asked Questions


I. What is PRUaccess?
II. How will I enroll to PRUaccess?
III. My Email Address, Username and Password
IV. What can I do with my PRUaccess account?
V. I’m having problems logging in to PRUaccess. What should I do?
VI. Which Internet Browser is supported for PRUaccess?
VII. What is the recommended screen resolution for PRUaccess?
VIII. How do I make PRUaccess my homepage?
IX. I Need More Information

We at Pru Life UK value the importance of always keeping you, our policy owners, informed. We have prepared this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to discuss some common inquiries you may have on your policy.

Inquiry as one of Pru Life UK’s valued Policyowner

I. My Premium Payments
II. What are the available Payment Facilities I can choose from?
III. What can I do with my policy?
IV. What can I do with my lapsed policy?
V. Can I withdraw from my policy?
VI. My Policy Contract
VII. How do I inquire the status of my Policy?
VIII. Claims
IX. Downloadable Forms

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